Jiu-Jitsu Masters Reveal How to Defend Against Trump’s Aggressive Handshake

If only the Japanese Prime Minister knew this technique ahead of time

It’s been a tornado initial 4 weeks of the Donald Trump organization, with the entire world giving careful consideration to each one of the President’s moves—including his eccentric handshake. Trump has utilized his forceful, jerky shake when meeting with kindred world pioneers, however, the outcomes haven’t generally gone easily. Actually, one jiu-jitsu school in Ohio tried to make sense of how you’d safeguard yourself against the Prez’s energy shake, and their answer is certain to snatch the consideration of the Secret Service.

This week, Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Columbus posted a 99-second video titled “Protection to the Donald Trump handshake,” illustrating the most ideal approach to counter Trump’s ungainly presentation. The resistance is straightforward: If Trump, or any other individual with a forceful handshake who isn’t the president, begins to draw you in, you run with him. By venturing in with your outside foot, you wrap the individual’s elbow and twist his wrist in. While doing that, your other hand will wrap over the highest point of the individual’s knuckles, bringing about the “goose neck.”

“Mystery Service, I guarantee in the event that I meet the President I most likely won’t wrist-bolt him,” said Robin Gieseler, a fourth-degree dark belt and the principle educator at the institute. “Most likely.” Smiling, he murmured: “I’m joking.” See the move in real life:

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