Trump’s sons get red carpet treatment at Dubai golf club opening

DUBAI — celebrity main street was laid out Saturday for President Trump’s children, Eric and Don Jr, the visitors of respect at a rich occasion that drew out Dubai’s business tip top and government authorities to toast the dispatch of the Trump International Golf Club.

The visitors, a blend of nonnatives and local people, strolled past lit palm trees and were welcomed by a line of Western ladies wearing dark with cream-shaded shawls. Servers served to diminish entirety, quail egg canapes, and lemon meringue tarts as an eight-man string ensemble played Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

It was the main opening of a Trump-marked property since the president’s introduction, lighting up how much his business advantages are flourishing regardless of worries over potential irreconcilable situations that could open the administration up to remote impact. While he has given control of his worldwide domain to his kids, Trump has not stripped his possession, which implies he will profit by any business achievement of the golf resort.


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